20 Bridal Hairstyles You’ll Love

20 bridal hairstyles you'll love

After you’ve picked out your wedding dress and shoes, you likely will want to start thinking about your hair and makeup for the big day. When deciding on your bridal hairstyle, you’ll want to consider the style for your wedding, your theme, your dress design, the season, and whatever you feel looks good on you. Consider that if your wedding is in the middle of the summer (see my post on Summer 2021 wedding trends here), you might not want to hair your hair hanging down your neck and back. Alternatively, you might have an open back dress where a long, down hairstyle would look good. These are all things to consider when deciding on your wedding day hair. Here is a list of 20 bridal hairstyles you’ll love!

20 bridal hairstyles that you'll love

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1. Loose Curls with Leaves

Loose curls with leaves

This expertly messy hairstyle is perfect for brides with low-back or no-back dresses. Some of the curls are falling out (but don’t worry I’m sure they’re being held with lots of hairspray) and the leaf hair piece is woven into the curls to keep it in place.

2. Updo with Headband

Updo with headband

This updo will get your hair off your neck in the hot weather. Jazz it up with a headband like this one from Amazon! This might be so easy you (or a bridesmaid) could do it yourself.

3. Braided Half-Up

Braided half-up

The next hairstyle is a braided half-up curly ponytail. Even with short hair, this would be an easy style to add hair extensions to.

4. Low Bun with Clip

Low bun with clip

Your bun could be straight on the back of your head or off to one side (I’ve had this done for a wedding and I thought it was cute!) and a pretty clip like this one will cover any pins needed to keep the bun in place.

5. Updo with Veil

Updo with veil

Having an updo or bun is a great way to keep your veil in place. Plus, it will still look nice when you take the veil out if you choose to do that for your reception. I also like the face-framing pieces of hair here.

6. Braid Bun

Braided bun

Add some hair extensions to make your hair thick and braid your hair with two braids and then twist them into a bun. If you can braid, you can do this bridal hairstyle!

7. Curls with Flowers

Curls with flowers

I love this feminine pinned-up hairstyle. The flowers would be perfect for a boho themed wedding dress or wedding.

8. Curls with Veil

Curls with veil

This bridal hairstyle isn’t really in a bun, but it is pinned up. The veil has been tucked underneath the updo so it’s not covering the lovely curls!

9. Side part with Clip

Side part with clip

If you choose to wear your hair down for your wedding, this would be a beautiful bridal hairstyle! The hair is swept to one side and an elegant clip was put in.

10. Elaborate Braid

Elaborte braid

Ugh I always wish I could do braids like this (or really any braids at all)! I love the addition of tiny clips or flowers. Also, the back of this dress is just asking for a long braid.

20 Bridal Hairstyles You'll Love

11. Knots with a Crown

Knots with a crown

This bride has her hair in multiple knots and since it’s your day, you might as well rock a crown!

12. Low Loose Braided Updo

Low loose braided updo

This elegant large braid into a low, loose bun is just gorgeous! It looks especially nice with highlighted hair.

13. Short Hair

Bridal hairstyle -  hair

If you have a short hairstyle like a pixie cut, don’t feel like you need to grow your hair out for it to look gorgeous for your wedding. I love this tousled style on her short hair!

14. Simple Half-Up with Flowers

Bridal hairstyle -  half up with flowers

If a hairstylist isn’t in your wedding budget (get your FREE wedding budget planner with your email below), this is a bridal hairstyle that you can do yourself! All it is is a half up ponytail with flowers pinned in.

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    15. Swept Back Curls

    Bridal hairstyle -  back curls

    This bride has a middle part and has swept the back portion up. it also looks like she has clipped her veil into the swept back portion.

    16. Bump Bun

    Bridal hairstyle -  bun

    A bump bun is a great way for you to look like your hair has more volume. What do you think of this style? Is it still in fashion? Let me know in the comments!

    17. Bun with Rose Gold Clip

    Bridal hairstyle -  with rose gold clip

    I love how the rose gold clip matches her rose gold makeup – so beautiful!

    18. High Ponytail with Crown

    Bridal hairstyle -  ponytail with crown

    Again, it’s your wedding day, you’re the queen, wear the crown!

    19. Ponytail with Flower Crown

    Bridal hairstyle -  ponytail with flower crown

    If flowers are more your vibe, you’ll love this low flipped ponytail with a flower crown tucked in.

    20. Short Curls with Flower Crown

    Bridal hairstyle - Short curls with flower crown

    For shorter hair, curl the ends and add a colorful flower crown to match your bouquet!

    20 bridal hairstyles you'll love

    What bridal hairstyle are you wearing on your wedding day? Come to our Facebook group, Wedding Planning Woman, and share your bridal hairstyle there. I look forward to seeing them!

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    1. My niece is getting married in a few months. I saw several hairstyles she would love.

    2. These are so pretty! I had the braided half up with some loose curls on my wedding and I think it looked wonderful! It will really depend on your style and dress! 😀

    3. #7 is my favorite! Looks so intricate and graceful. These are some great ideas, definitely keeping them in mind for myself!

    4. Curls with veil is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful hairstyles.😊

    5. This is a wonderful post full of amazing hair styles. I love it. 🙂

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