A Covid Wedding Story: Danielle’s Story

A Covid Wedding Story: Danielle's Story

Today is another chance to share a beautiful, inspiring Covid wedding story! This is Danielle’s Covid wedding story. You can find her on https://thecaffeinatedmomblog.com/ and her exact wedding story here! Make sure to check out her blog after you read her heartwarming covid wedding story! This is all Danielle’s original writing. Thank you so much to Danielle for sharing her Covid wedding story!

A COVID Wedding: Danielle's Story

“Who else is sick of Covid-19 ruining 2020? It came and it has knocked so much around. It has changed so much in our kid’s lives and our own lives. Everything is so unknown and scary but it also has brought all of us together even more.

Danielle's Covid Wedding Story

We had our big wedding planned for July 10th, 2020. We literally got engaged on September 19th and picked our day by September 20th. We did not want to wait long at all and we wanted to be husband and wife as soon as possible. Having to postpone our wedding from this year until July 9th, 2021 was devastating. Our kids were so sad and disappointed because they were all so excited to “dress up” and dance and eat wedding cake. They all already knew and felt like family but this was just the seal on the envelope for all of us.

Being husband and wife was something we had been dreaming of for years. We had to re-sign our venue contract, our DJ contract, caterer contract, etc. and it was so painful. I knew that we were still getting married but just waiting another year was hurting both of us. I know so many couples who have had to either postpone, cancel or uninvite so many of their loved ones because of the restrictions that have been in place and I feel for all of them. We ran though the option of having a much smaller wedding but not having all of our loved ones there to help celebrate our merging family and love was worse than us postponing another year.

After months of being sad and disappointed with realizing we would not be husband and wife for another year. We started talking about maybe just getting married prior to our big wedding, so we could legally be husband and wife but we knew with the strict Covid-19 limits, we didn’t even know if that was possible.

One day I was looking at what steps were being taken for obtaining a marriage license in our county and saw that they were offering marriages up until June 21st as long as you had an officiant and just like that I ran to him and asked how he felt about getting married that next week. I showed him the requirements and just like that, we were off to planning this very quick and intimate Covid-19 wedding.

We called a couple close relatives and asked my aunt to marry us (we were planning on her marrying us for our big wedding so there was no one else we wanted for our small wedding either). She excitedly agreed and we were off to planning this very quick and very soon ceremony! (We literally had less than a week to plan, get rings, order food, and get our marriage license. Oh and my aunt had to get ordained!)

It was truly a race against time. The first step was getting my aunt ordained (which ended up being really simple), once she was ordained we had to send a letter to the clerk’s office and then we had to wait…and wait…and wait. FINALLY, they called and set us up for 2 days before our wedding to pick up the license and just like that we were back to the very quick planning.

Danielle's Covid Wedding Story 2

We ordered our rings, somehow found something to wear for ourselves (dress from Old Navy) and the four kids, ordered the food and had everyone rsvp on such short notice but we did it and we all came together for an amazing small ceremony. We poured sand to show us coming together as a blended family, said very simple vows and exchanged our rings.

It was perfect. We decided not to let the shut down (or Covid-19) stand in our way or our marriage. We are still having our big wedding next year to share our love with all of our loved ones but we are so excited to finally be husband and wife.”

A Covid wedding story: Danielle's story

I love a happy Covid wedding story, don’t you? I am always looking for couples who have had Covid weddings to share their story on this blog. It makes all of us future brides and grooms (and past ones as well) feel seen and positive! Check out my last Covid wedding story to read Katie’s wedding journey. Join my newsletter for more Covid wedding stories, weekly blog posts, and wedding item deals!

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  1. What a wonderful story thanks for sharing!

  2. What a sweet story! It’s good to know there’s still so much love despite Covid.

  3. Love this story! My brother and his fiancé are getting married in a couple months. I can’t wait to see how their wedding turns out.

    1. Such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is such a beautiful story and the pictures are beautiful!! I’m so glad you didn’t let anything get in your way from your happy day and celebrated your love instead of focusing on the negative things going on in the world! Congratulations ❤️

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