The Biggest Wedding Planning Problems (and solutions) in 2021

Wedding planning problems

Planning a wedding is hard work. Planning a wedding during a global pandemic – well that’s near impossible! Many couples ran into planning problems over the last year. Wedding dates had to be changed. Vendors are no longer in business. Not everyone can be invited to the wedding. 2021 is looking to be better than 2020 (cross those fingers), but there are still some important considerations. I’ve asked couples what their biggest wedding planning problems are, and I have given my best solutions.

The biggest wedding planning problems for 2021 (and solutions)

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Problem #1

Will we even be able to have a wedding in 2021?

Of course, this is the biggest wedding planning problem. With a couple promising vaccines that are starting to be distributed, it’s certainly looking better than any planned 2020 weddings. However, spring and early summer weddings still might be restricted and possibly rescheduled. My wedding is planned for October 2021 and I’m feeling reasonably confident that we will have our wedding as planned with little to no restrictions. Things are changing every day, though, and it’s important to keep up with the current Covid news. Ultimately, I think late summer and on weddings will be fine. We shall see!

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Problem #2

Vendors are booked up from 2020 weddings that were rescheduled.

Unfortunately, this is true. Many vendors are booked into 2022 for wedding reschedules and weddings that were already planned for 2021. It’s important to have a list of a few different vendors you would be happy with before contacting them. For example, have a few possible venues, caterers, florists, etc. picked out. You could also consider having a non-weekend wedding!

Problem #3

Will destination weddings be allowed in 2021?

Well, this wedding planning problem depends on the destination. On a positive note, destination weddings tend to be smaller and more intimate, so this might be the perfect option if you’re thinking of planning a micro wedding. Just make sure you are keeping an eye on travel restrictions.

Problem #4

How do I make sure I can reschedule my wedding if need be?

This is a wedding planning problem that not many people thought about until it was too late. It’s so important to read through any vendor contracts carefully to see what their cancellation policy is. Most of the time, you’ll lose your deposit if you decide to cancel. If you’re just rescheduling at a later date, vendors may be more flexible. Make sure to send out “Change the Date” cards to your guests as soon as possible. You can find some easy, editable “Change the Date” postcards on Evermine.

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Problem #5

How far ahead of the wedding should we decide to postpone, if necessary?

Since we had no idea how things were going to play out, many couples were not able to postpone much ahead of time in 2020. 6 weeks ahead of time is the general rule for telling guests about a postponed or cancelled wedding. You might want to just call or email your guests and then send them a new Save the Date when you have decided your plans.

Problem #6

How do we tell guests they’re “uninvited” because of size constrictions?

Check out this post for who you should invite to your wedding! This wedding planning problem is so hard and you don’t want to hurt any feelings, but sometimes your guest list needs to be cut down. Everyone is aware of this problem and will likely be understanding if you can’t have them at your wedding. For politeness, telling guests they’re “uninvited” should be done as personally as possible, whether by phone or email. You can also live stream your wedding so that they can feel like they’re somewhat involved!

I hope that I’ve alleviated some fears and problems with your wedding planning in 2021. 2020 was a hard one for weddings – hopefully this year will be better! Let’s take this year to build each other up and create positivity. Happy new year!

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  2. Our vow renewal is this year and it’s been a roller coaster for sure! Thanks for these tips

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