Christmas Bachelorette Party Ideas

Since lots of people get together over the holidays, this might be a great time to plan your bachelorette party, while everyone is already together! You might not be partying outside in the warm sun, but you can still have a great time! I’ve seen so many great ideas on Pinterest (find mine here!). Here are some Christmas bachelorette party ideas for Blogmas day 10!

Christmas Bachelorette Party ideas - Blogmas day 10

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Hot Boozy Drinks

Hot boozy drinks for Christmas bachelorette party

It’s probably not a great time for summery cocktails, but break out that Bailey’s! Start the day with coffee (1st in Coffee has DELICIOUS coffees!) and something mixed in! You could also make mulled wine or moscow mules.

Plan a Winter Weekend

Plan a winter weekend

Rent a cabin somewhere snowy (especially if you have a group of skiers) with a hot tub. Get some matching flannel pajamas and enjoy a cozy weekend! WeddingStar has cute matching pajama items.

Go To a Spa (Or Host Your Own Spa Day)

Spa day for bachelorette party

Some spas have hot springs that would be perfect for a Christmas bachelorette party. Also, it’s always nice to pamper your dry winter skin! Check out Sally Beauty for at-home spa items.

Find a Bar with a Fire Pit

Bar with fire pit

If your bachelorette party is going to end at a bar, find one with an outdoor fire pit. These are my favorite in the winter – I’m the person that sits as close to the fire as possible!

Destination Bachelorette Party

Destination bachelorette party

If you hate the cold, take your bachelorette party on a tropical vacation! This is expensive, but it could be an option.

What other Christmas bachelorette party ideas do you have? Leave yours in the comments! Make sure to subscribe with your email so you don’t miss any Blogmas posts and enjoy your bachelorette party!

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