Christmas Decorations For Couples Moving In Together

If you, or a couple you know, have recently moved in together, it can be fun to get some new Christmas decorations. Each partner might have a few from when they were kids or had bought some when living alone. However, moving in together is special and there should be decorations that are for you and your partner together. Even if a couple has lived together for a while, this could still be a great couple gift. Make sure to check out my Blogmas Day 1 (Introduction) and Day 2 (Best Christmas Proposal Ideas). Here are my favorite Christmas decorations for couples moving in together!

Christmas decorations for couples moving in together

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DIY Christmas Decorations

While some couples (or individuals) may be more crafty than others, it can still be fun to make something together as a couple to display for Christmas. I have found some wonderful bloggers with ideas that aren’t too complicated! You only need items that can be found easily at home or in a craft store such as Michaels. However, a Cricut is good for some of these projects.

DIY Joy Wood Sign

DIY Christmas Joy Sign

I know I started with a project that’s pretty hands on, but this is something I would totally see in a store and want. If I can make it with my partner, even better! Plus, this can be used as a Christmas decoration inside or outside. This idea is from But first, Joy.

Potato Stamp Tea Towel

Potato Christmas Tea Towels

Who would have thought to use a potato to create Christmas decorations?! Jessica Wellings Interior did! You can cut the potato into whatever shape you want so these would be great for any holiday or occasion.

Seashell Christmas Ornaments

DIY Seashell Christmas ornaments

From Coastal Wandering, this would be especially meaningful if you used shells that you found together!

DIY Recycled Snowman

DIY Recycled snowman

This is a great decoration from Get Your Holiday On if you still have some pumpkins lying around!

Christmas Decorations to Purchase

If you’re not up for crafts, here are Christmas decorations for couples moving in together that you can just purchase!

Ornament snowglobe

Photo Ornament

If you had engagement photos taken, use one of those pictures (or another one of the couple that you like) to make a photo ornament on Evermine!

Do you have any other ideas for Christmas decorations for couples moving in together? Put them in the comments! Make sure you sign up with your email so you don’t miss any Blogmas!

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  1. I love this! My sister bought us an engagement ornament and it sits front and center in our Christmas tree 😍

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