Groomsmen Proposal Ideas

Groomsmen proposal Ideas

You might think you’re done once you’ve proposed to your future wife and she’s said yes. However, you’d be wrong! You can’t forget about the guys that will be by your side as you marry your future spouse. While grooms might not be as into “proposals” as brides are (see my post on bridesmaid proposal ideas), it can still be fun to “propose” to your groomsmen to ask them to be in your wedding. Here are some funny, useful, and awesome groomsmen proposal ideas!

Groomsmen Proposal Ideas

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Groomsmen Proposal Boxes

Proposal boxes are probably the most popular way to ask your friends and family to be in your wedding. They are perfect whether you live near your groomsmen and can hand deliver a box, and also if you live far away from your groomsmen and need to mail them a box. You can find ones that are pre-made with items already inside the boxes for you, but it can be more fun to find a fun box and then personalize the inside depending on your groomsmen or the theme of your wedding! I love these “Suit up! Will you be my groomsmen / best man?” boxes you can get on Amazon.

Leather Bag

A custom leather bag is a great gift for your groomsmen because it’s so useful! Planning a bachelor roadtrip? Give your groomsmen bags to bring on the trip! You could also consider a toiletry bag with their initials on it. Either way, this is such a useful gift that your groomsmen will appreciate not just for wedding adventures, but in the future as well! Check out Lifetime Leather Co. for the best options of leather travel and toiletry bags. 

“Will You Be My Groomsman” Card

Simple and classic, you can never go wrong with a card.This is how I proposed to my bridesmaids and it would be a perfect proposal for groomsmen too! I’ve even made you a free postcard that’s all ready to go! All you have to do is print it out, write a personal note on it (if you want) and send/give it to your groomsmen. Couldn’t be easier! Get my groomsmen proposal card by completing the form.

Items To Wear At The Wedding As Groomsmen Gifts

Along the same lines as giving your groomsmen a leather bag or toiletry bag that they can use for the bachelor trip or traveling to the wedding, giving your groomsmen items to wear at the wedding is super useful! Not only will your groomsmen appreciate the effort you made to ask them to be in your wedding, they’ll have one less thing to worry about wearing on the wedding day. Some suggestions of items to wear to give as groomsmen gifts include:




Shaving Accessories

Bow Tie

Pocket Squares


Groomsmen Koozies

A classic groomsmen proposal idea is a groomsmen drink koozie. Celebrate a day out with your friends or a BBQ in your backyard and ask them to be your groomsmen by giving them a cold drink with a koozie asking them to be your groomsmen. It’s also another great thing for them to have for any bachelor activities. Check out my post on holiday bachelor party ideas.

Custom Wine/Beer Labels

Gift your groomsmen with a bottle of wine or a pack of beer with a custom label asking them to be your groomsmen. Another great thing to have for a picnic or BBQ for your guy friends!

Groomsmen Proposal Ideas

Tickets to an Event

Get your group of potential groomsmen together and go to a special event together (safely once Covid restrictions allow, obviously). Present them with tickets to a sports game or a concert and then pop the question during your time together!

Take a Camping Trip

Are you and your groomsmen the type of people who like to hike and camp and be outside? Well, a great groomsmen proposal idea for you might be to take a camping trip with your friends and while you’re there, ask them to be in your wedding. You can also give them these knives along with the question. They’re so useful your groomsmen will likely keep using them for years to come!

Bachelor Party camping trip

Something Special from Wedding Destination

Planning a destination wedding? Find something local such as a special food and give it to your groomsmen as a way to ask them. Even if you don’t consider your wedding a “destination,” it could still be fun to find something local, maybe customize it, and give it to your groomsmen!

Custom Beer Cup

You can never go wrong with a personalized beer cup as your groomsmen proposal gift! Give them a bottle of beer to go along with it, and they’ll be sure to appreciate the gesture.

Groomsmen Proposal Ideas

What idea are you going with to propose to your groomsmen? Or what did you do to ask your friends and family to be in your wedding? Leave your best groomsmen proposal ideas in the comments!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. This are some great ideas! I always read articles meant for womans so I think is wonderful that posts like these exist. I imagine doing this with some friend will be really fun.

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