Holiday Engagement Party Ideas

Lots of couples like to celebrate their engagement with an engagement party, inviting family and friends. The holidays are a great time to have an engagement party – everyone is already in a festive mood! However, this year we do need to consider Covid and social distancing guidelines. I will include sections with ideas for Covid times and non-Covid times. Here are some holiday engagement party ideas for Blogmas day 4!

Holiday Engagement Party ideas - Blogmas Day 4

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Non-Covid Holiday Engagement Party Ideas

Christmas/Engagement Party

This seems like the natural way to have an engagement party during the holidays. Your house (or a restaurant/venue) is already decorated. My Wedding Favors has favors and decor that are specialized for holiday engagement parties. You can choose to have a tacky or a glamorous themed party.

Christmas Brunch Engagement Party

I feel like I’ve mentioned brunch in all my Blogmas posts so far! I just really love brunch! Lots of restaurants have Christmas brunches on weekends and getting a table would be perfect for an engagement party. Alternatively, you could host a homemade or catered brunch at someone’s house. My Wedding Favors has a 10 piece classic mimosa bar that I love!

White Engagement Party

White is classy and goes along perfectly with both weddings and the holidays. Make your engagement party a winter wonderland!

Friends at engagement party

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Covid Holiday Engagement Party Ideas

Virtual Engagement Party

Remember back in the beginning of the pandemic how popular virtual happy hours were? Well, bring them back for your engagement party! There are lots of ideas on Pinterest for games that can be played for virtual parties.

Mini Engagement Party

Much like the mini/micro wedding, you could choose to have a mini engagement party. Keep your state/area restrictions in mind and limit the guests to a small group of family and friends.

Friends at engagement party

What else do you have for Covid or non-Covid holiday engagement party ideas? Leave them in the comments! I hope you are enjoying Blogmas! Make sure to subscribe with your email so you never miss a post!

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  1. I love that you included ideas for parties with the covid pandemic. Makes it that much more unique! Thank you for sharing!

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