Holiday Gift Guide For Engaged Couples

Holiday gift guide for engaged couples

If you are looking for what to purchase for an engaged couple, or you are an engaged couple planning a wedding around the holidays, then this is the gift guide for you! (If you’re an engaged couple wondering “What do we do now?” find that post here!) I tried to include things that wouldn’t normally be on a registry (unless your bridal shower is around this time of year), but could be a great gift for an engaged couple. I’ve included some gift ideas from a few other wonderful bloggers with links to their own blogs and ideas! Check out this holiday gift guide for engaged couples.

Holiday gift guide for engaged couples

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Physical Gifts To Buy

Subscription Meal Box

This is a great gift that can be personalized for the couples tastes and your budget. You can purchase one box or a few months. It is fun for the couple to learn to cook something new together!  RealEats has breakfast and dinner options, as well as a discount you can use through the link. SunBasket also has great options for lean and carb-conscious meals.

Wine Clubs

Similar to meal subscriptions, you can choose the length of time that the couple receives a shipment of wine. You can customize by reds, whites, sparkling, and other assortments. The California Wine Club is perfect for its wide variety of options.

Custom Ornament

Oh my gosh this is such a cute idea! There are lots of Etsy shops that will do customizable ornaments. Here is just one example!

Gift for engaged couple - custom ornament

Physical Gifts To Make

Homemade Blanket

The Wallet Moth has a guide on making a hand-knit chunky blanket that doesn’t require any knitting or crochet needles. It’s so chunky, it wouldn’t take that long, and it would be a very personal gift for an engaged couple.

Personalized Map Heart

This is such a fun idea for a couple who are from different places or have moved somewhere new! Pillar Box Blue has a tutorial on how to make this and you can choose your own personalization.

Pillar Box Blue - personalized map heart

Experience Gifts

Honeymoon Fund

It can be awkward for the engaged couple to just ask for money, but volunteering to contribute to a honeymoon fund is something that would be appreciated greatly! You could even get them a cute shadow box to keep their honeymoon fund!

Spa Day

Wedding planning is stressful! Give the engaged couple a chance to relax and unwind together at their favorite spa!

Holiday gift guide for engaged couples

What are some other holiday gifts to add for this guide for engaged couples? Leave your suggestions in the comments! You can personalize pretty much everything these days, so the possibilities are abundant! Don’t forget to sign up for my email list so you don’t miss a post!

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  1. Wine clubs are the best!!! I completely forgot about these until now, definitely need to get one of these for my mom. 🙂

  2. I genuinely struggle with what’s best to give engaged couples, so thank you for this!

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