How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

How much does a wedding cost?

According to, the average wedding cost is between $29k – $31k. This figure was significantly lower in 2020, since so many weddings were either cancelled or were greatly reduced in size and cost. When planning your wedding, make sure to check out how much a wedding costs in your state. There can be huge differences in the cost of weddings based on the state. We’ll be breaking down what is included in the cost of a wedding, breaking down a wedding budget, and recommending the best wedding cost calculators. We will also show you how to create your personal wedding budget. Included in this post is a FREE editable wedding budget planner which includes everything you will need to consider when planning your dream wedding! Overall we will discuss how much a wedding costs.

How much does a wedding cost?

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What is Included in the Price of a Wedding

Engagement Ring

That’s right, you have to start paying for a wedding even before there might be a wedding! This includes the engagement ring, any proposal costs (photographer, props, etc.) and ring insurance if you choose to get it.

Engagement Party

If you want to celebrate your engagement with your family and friends, no matter how big or small, you will need to include the engagement party as part of the wedding cost. 

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Discuss with your partner whether it would make more sense financially to have separate parties, or have a Jack and Jill party. Check out my post on how to propose to your bridesmaids! If you’re having a bachelorette party, you will definitely want to check out for all your bachelorette party needs! 

Bachelorette Party

Bridal Shower

Whether you choose to make this fancy or casual, talk to your bridesmaids and family on what your bridal shower will look like, and who will pay for it.

Rehearsal Dinner

You can get this catered, go to a restaurant, or have a potluck dinner after your rehearsal! Check out Sun Basket to get healthy meal ideas!


This is such a broad category, because between the ceremony and the reception, this will be the biggest part of your budget and will cost the most money. This includes all decorations, the bride’s dress, jewelry, and shoes, the groom’s attire, and any other rental costs. 

Wedding Ceremony


See the ceremony section for all the costs of this part of your wedding budget. 

Does Not Include Honeymoon (Usually)

A honeymoon can be such a large cost, so, in most cases, this is a budget in and of itself. Start your honeymoon fund using Honeyfund and have your guests contribute!

Additional Wedding Expenses (Stationary, etc.)

There are so many things to budget for when planning a wedding. That’s why you need my free, editable wedding budget planner! If you choose to send physical invitations (find some here) these can get expensive fast. Don’t forget the thank you notes after the wedding (Get some for free below)!

Wedding Cost Calculators

Here is a list of a few wedding cost calculators that I have found and tried. Each one is different, so see which one works best for you!

Wedding Cost Report


The Knot


How much does a wedding cost?

Wedding Budget Breakdown

According to the Knot, wedding cost breakdown, on average, looks like this:

  • 50% – Venue, Catering, Rental Items
  • 12% – Photography and Videography
  • 9% – Attire, hair, and Makeup
  • 8% – Decor
  • 7% – Entertainment
  • 3% – Wedding Planner
  • 2% – Stationary
  • 2% – Officiant
  • 2% – Wedding Bands
  • 2% – Favors

Your wedding budget breakdown might look completely different (especially with Covid restrictions and changes, so don’t feel pressure to follow this too closely!

Wedding budget

Creating Your Wedding Budget

Decide What is Most Important To You

First, make a list of the 5 most important things for you and your partner to have at your wedding. An example might be: the food, dancing (DJ), your wedding rings, the bride’s dress, and the bar. When you’ve decided what is most important to you, spend your time, money, and energy, on planning these items.

Contact Local Vendors

Support local businesses with your wedding! My fiance and I are trying to do this as much as we can. We found a local paper shop to do our Save the Dates and we will be going back to them for our invitations.

How much does a wedding cost?

List Everything You Need To Budget For

Of course, make sure you have this somewhere before you start making purchases for your wedding!

FREE Wedding Budget

This is so important and will help you so much when planning your wedding budget. I’ve even made it FREE and EDITABLE for you! Just put your email in and you’ll get yours. This is also a part of my wedding planner which you can purchase here!

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    If you are willing, share below what your wedding budget was and what your wedding actually ended up costing!

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    1. This is great information. People don’t think about all the little things that go into a wedding. It can really add up.

    2. Gosh…I wish I had read this post before I got married two years ago. I especially love the budget breakdown so people have an idea where they should be spending the most of their budget. I will certainly pass this along to anyone I know that is planning a wedding. Thanks for sharing!

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