How To Have The Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter might not be the first season that you would think to have your wedding in, but winter weddings can be absolutely beautiful! Even if you live somewhere that’s cold, there are some special things you can do that you wouldn’t be able to in the spring/summer/fall. Here’s how to have the perfect winter wedding for Blogmas day 7.

How to have the perfect winter wedding  - Blogmas Day 7

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Find an Appropriate Venue

Obviously, you’re probably not going to want to have an outdoor winter wedding, depending on where you live. However, there are lots of beautiful indoor venues! During Covid times, make sure that you are keeping up with social distancing protocols. You might want to check that your venue has good ventilation and wide open spaces. You should also consider having one venue for both the ceremony and reception. If there is bad weather, people will not want to have to travel too much.

Winter wedding venue

Dress for the Season

I have seen some absolutely gorgeous long-sleeved wedding dresses. A great place to find affordable wedding dresses is DressAfford. They also have accessories such as shawls that are good for winter weddings. Guys have it pretty easy, since they usually wear more layers of clothes anyway. Don’t forget about your bridesmaids! You don’t want them wearing strapless dresses while taking pictures outside.

Winter wedding dress

Winter Wedding Decorations

Think beautiful white snow! Or gorgeous Christmas decor and lights! Get creative and buy supplies from Michaels to make your own wintery table centerpieces. Check out my Pinterest for lots of winter wedding decorations!

Winter Wedding Makeup

Winter makeup tends to be more full-coverage, but there are lots of different color palettes to work with! Consider darker smoky eyes or red lips. Check out Sally Beauty for dramatic makeup products!

Winter Themed Favors

Give guests winter themed favors such as candles or personalized mini bottles of wine! My Wedding Favors has a section specifically for winter wedding favors!

Winter wedding table

If you or someone you know has had a winter wedding, let us know in the comments what made it unique! Also, if you have additional advice on how to have the perfect winter wedding for Blogmas day 7, leave it in the comments! Make sure to subscribe with your email so you don’t miss a post!

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