I’m Engaged! Now What?

I'm engaged! Now what?

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Who should you tell? Should you start planning? Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? I got engaged in June 2020, and I wasn’t sure what to do, so I figured some of you might be feeling that way! Basically you’re asking, “I’m engaged! Now what?”

I'm engaged! Now what?

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1. First Things First

Take a deep breath and enjoy this time just with your fiance. You will have time to call everyone and announce it on facebook later. The two most important people in this engagement are you and your fiance. Just relax!

Engaged couple together

2. Tell your families

You probably don’t want your parents to find out you’re engaged on facebook. Take the time to call or FaceTime both sets of parents. They will want to celebrate your joy!

3. Now the friends

Now you can tell your friends you’re engaged. Show them the ring! Pop some champagne! You may also want to post it on your social media.

Friends celebrating engagement

4. Get your ring sized

If your ring doesn’t fit perfectly, take it to a jeweler (or wherever it was purchased) and have yourself measured. The sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll be able to wear your gorgeous ring (and get a cute mug to take ring pictures with)!

5. Throw an engagement party

This is optional and not all couples have an engagement party, but it’s a good excuse to have a party! Since this isn’t possible during COVID, you might have a zoom engagement party!

Engagement party decorations

6. Start planning!

Have you completed steps 1-5? Ok, NOW you can start thinking about the wedding planning. I have a few other posts related to this step for you to check out (Should I hire a wedding planner?) (Questions to ask your wedding planner) (Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas).

Brides-to-be, what other things do you recommend when you’re thinking “I’m engaged! Now what?” Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe to my email list!

I'm engaged! Now what?

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  1. I got engaged last year! One of the first things I did was get my ring insured because I was so nervous I would lose it.

    1. I don’t have insurance for mine yet! But it’s something I should probably look into haha

  2. love the positivity and excitement in your post, and congrats on getting engaged!! wishing you a lifetime of love <3 also your site is so pretty, can't wait to see what you post next 🙂

  3. Aw, these are such great tips! Love the “taking a picture with a mug” idea! <3

    1. Yes! I have one that says “Future Mrs. ___” and I love it!

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