6 New Holiday Traditions For Couples

Can you believe we’re halfway through Blogmas?! If you’re recently engaged, dating, or moved in together, the holidays can be a perfect time to start a tradition as a couple. Especially this year, when we might have a small Christmas, it’s important to make this time special and meaningful. Here are 6 new holiday traditions for couples for Blogmas day 6.

New holiday traditions for couples

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1. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

I love this idea from Retro Housewife Goes Green! It’s fun to drive around and look at Christmas lights and this makes it into a fun scavenger hunt! There is also a free printable to go along with it!

Christmas light scavenger hunt

2. Collect (or make!) Christmas Ornaments

Saving Talents has a great idea to get a Christmas ornament whenever you go somewhere new. Each Christmas when you decorate, you’ll get to remember and relive those memories!

Collect (or make) Christmas ornaments

3. Watch a Christmas Movie

My last Blogmas post was on cozy couple movies. Pick a movie that you both enjoy and watch it every year. For my fiance and I, it’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!

Watch a Christmas movie

4. Create an Advent Calendar

I’ve seen lots of cool ideas on Pinterest (follow me to see some!) for homemade advent calendars. You and your partner could try a new beer or wine everyday. You could find a Christmas joke every day. There’s so many possibilities!

Advent calendar

5. Write a Christmas Love Letter

Find some beautiful paper, and write each other a love note to be opened on Christmas or Christmas eve!

Christmas love letter

6. Volunteer

The holidays are a great time to help others while also spending time with your loved one! You could donate time or money.


What are your new holiday traditions for couples? Leave ideas in the comments and make sure to subscribe with your email so you don’t miss any Blogmas posts!

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  1. The Christmas light scavenger hunt sounds so fun. I will have to try it with the kids this weekend.

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