Proposal Trends for 2021

Proposal trends for 2021

Coming off a tough year for weddings and wedding planning (goodbye 2020, no one will miss you), I think all of us remain positive that 2021 will be a better year for our relationships and hopefully for our weddings! However, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic so some things will still be different and continue to change. This includes proposals. Many people I know got engaged at a party or otherwise with a lot of people. Seeing as how that’s not possible yet, people are going to have to get creative with their proposals. Check out my recent post about Christmas proposals! Here’s what we can expect for proposal trends for 2021.

Proposal trends for 2021 - Wedding Planning Woman

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Intimate Proposals

By this I mean, proposals with just the two of you there. Your family and friends might know it’s happening, but the actual event of the proposal is just for you and your partner. You might also consider this a quarantine proposal! While you and your partner are quarantining together, it might be a great time to propose! You also can give your proposal speech without an audience. It’ll give you something to do after the proposal (wedding planning) and hopefully make your relationship stronger. Plus we all need a happy proposal during these Covid times.

Zoom Proposals

Since you can’t be with family and friends in person, you might invite them to be there for the proposal on zoom (or whatever platform you prefer). If you’re the one doing the proposing, you can have everyone on mute and try to put your phone where your partner won’t notice it so as to make it a surprise! That way, the other special people in you and your partner’s life will feel like they got to be there. Or you can propose and then call everyone up on zoom!

Zoom proposal 2021

Local Outdoor Proposals

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been doing much traveling in the past year. We even moved to completely different states, but I still feel like I’ve barely left the house! To make your proposal feel special and different, many people have to chosen to propose in a local outdoor place. This could be done in a park, in the woods, in a safe outdoor restaurant – just get creative! Give them a chance to get out of the house and have a day to remember. Bring your pets along for the proposal!

Rings Bought Online

We’ve all been doing a lot of online shopping so it makes sense that engagement rings will be bought online as well. In the past, jewelry stores invited you to come in and browse the rings they had available. Ring companies have moved a lot of their stock to online shops. You won’t be able to see the rings in person, but you won’t have to go to a store to find the perfect engagement ring. There are many shops that you can find online such as Kay, Clean Origin, and Zales.

Proposal Trends 2021

Virtual Engagement Parties

Since we can’t be together in person, let’s party virtually! This is a huge proposal trend in the US and around the world. Invite your friends and family to a zoom engagement party. Send them the link ahead of time and have them BYOB (check out some of my favorite wine The California Wine Club). You can plan games to play if that’s your style. Your family and friends want to hear the story of your proposal and this is the perfect way to tell them all at once. I wish my fiance and I had done this, but we literally moved states the day after he proposed so we were a little busy!

Partnership Proposals

A popular proposal trend for 2021 is definitely going to be partnership proposals. If you’re a person (or proposing to a person) who doesn’t like surprises, this is the proposal trend for you! You and your partner decide as a couple that getting married is something you want to do. You might go ring shopping together (see above for online ring shopping) and plan a romantic day or night together instead of one partner doing the surprise proposal. This is what a partnership proposal is and it’s a huge 2020 and 2021 trend!

Non-Diamond Wedding Rings

I have seen some gorgeous rings in wedding facebook groups that aren’t your typical diamond wedding rings. Some examples are moissanite engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings, moonstone engagement rings, engagement rings with no stones, and ethically sourced stones. It’s important to know your partner’s style to decide what kind of stone (or no stone) they would like to wear on their hand for the rest of their life, or at least quite a few years. I’ve seen a few brides feel self-conscious about their non-diamond wedding rings, but this is a huge proposal trend for 2021 and it’s not going away soon!

Non-diamond wedding rings

Home Transformation

Since we’re not likely to go on a vacation for a proposal, couples are likely to transform their home instead of going somewhere. Decorating with fairy lights, candles, and flowers go a long way for transforming your home for a proposal in 2021. Let’s just say my fiance did this since he waited until all of our furniture was out of the apartment and on it’s way to our new apartment to propose! That’s kind of like a home transformation, right?!

Proposal Trends for 2021

Those are the proposal trends we’ll be seeing in 2021! What are your favorite proposal trends for 2021? What other trends do you predict we’ll see in 2021 and beyond? Have you participated in any of these proposal trends? Let us know in the comments how you are proposing or how you were proposed to or did the proposing! For more information on proposal trends for 2021 check out this post on Brides. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter for blog post updates and deals on wedding and wedding planning items!

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    1. WOW – I love the idea of a different stone for the engagement ring!!

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    2. This is such a fun post! An engagement is special no matter what if you have the right person. It is disappointing, I’m sure, for people to have to work around restrictions but that moment is about so much more than the proposal!

    3. If only my handsome would’ve read some of these tips before proposing. But he was a hot mess when he had the ring and couldn’t hide it so he just blurted it out.

    4. Super cute post! Thank you for sharing your ideas! Love it!

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