Signature Wedding Drinks Roundup

Signature Wedding Drinks Roundup

Including a signature drink is a fun way to personalize your wedding. Check out my post on including pets at your wedding– a great way to do that is to name a signature drink after your pet! I asked other bloggers to share their cocktail recipes and I’ve gathered them all here in one place. There are 39 cocktail recipes included and you could use any as one of your signature drinks at your wedding. I’ve divided the cocktails into spring, summer, fall, winter, mocktail, and classic cocktails. However, don’t feel limited to only the cocktail listed under your wedding season – you can do whatever you want! I recommend getting fancy cocktail glasses from JoyJolt to make your signature wedding drinks even better! Here is a signature wedding drinks roundup.

Signature Wedding Drinks Roundup

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Spring Wedding Signature Drinks

Spring cocktails are fruity and fun! Bride on a Budget includes 3 classic spring cocktails that would make great signature wedding drinks. She includes a moscow mule, a strawberry basil margarita, and a rum punch. 

Casual Foodist has created a cherry blossom gin cocktail. This would especially be perfect if your wedding has cherry blossoms blooming! Check out this French 77 cocktail from Cup of Zest. It looks so classy to me! The last cocktail I’ve chosen to include in spring cocktails is a blood orange margarita from Vegan Huggs. Yum!

Spring Wedding Signature Drinks

Summer Wedding Signature Drinks

Bride on a Budget has also written a post with 3 summer signature cocktails that would be perfect for your signature drink! She includes sangria, pina colada, and a mojito. I could definitely see my future husband and I having a mojito signature drink!

Since summer features the most signature drink options, I have them listed below. Click on the link to go to the blog owner and original recipe poster!

Lavender Mimosa from Fresh Coast Eats

Campari and Orange Cocktail from A Taste for Travel

Blue Curacao Margarita from DIY Candy

Gin and Pear Jam Smash from Jam Jar Kitchen

Paloma Cocktail from Cup of Zest

Fig Champagne Cocktail from Amanda Wilens

Grapefruit Basil Greyhound Cocktail from Swift Fit

Starry Night Sparkler from Style on Main

Mexican Strawberry Tequila Mojito from Oh My Creative

Pomegranate Mimosa Champagne from Coastal Wandering

Summer Wedding Drinks

Fall Wedding Signature Drinks

When I picture fall signature drinks, I start thinking of warmer drinks and cozy sounding recipes! Bride on a Budget features a fall-themed manhattan, a fall-themed cosmo, and an apple cider margarita. Yummy!

Chisel and Fork also has a great recipe for an apple cider cocktail and The Feast Local has a fig and limoncello smash. These signature cocktails would be perfect for fall weddings!

Fall Wedding Signature Drinks

Winter Wedding Signature Drinks

Lastly, here are some signature drinks that would be perfect for a winter wedding! Bride on a Budget’s winter wedding drinks ideas are a candy cane martini, spiced apple cider, and hot buttered rum.

If you’re having a winter wedding, you might want to feature a cherry and champagne cocktail from Slow the Cook Down. You could also have a raspberry gin fizz from Mighty Mrs or a pomegranate and blood orange gin martini from Homebody Eats.

Winter Wedding Signature Drinks


If you’re not serving alcohol at your wedding (or you just love a good mocktail), you might be interested in a frosty coconut mint green tea mocktail from Strength and Sunshine or a cucumber tom collins mocktail from Always Use Butter!


Classic Cocktails

These classic cocktails can be used as your signature drinks or they can just be on your regular wedding drink menu! Follow the link for each cocktail to go to a blog that features that classic cocktail.

Martini from Ottawa Mommy Club

Margarita from Ottawa Mommy Club

Pina Colada from Ottawa Mommy Club

Mojito from The Short Order Cook

Peach Bellini from Sustain My Cooking Habit

Champagne Punch from Marathons and Motivation

Skinny Margarita from Muy Bueno Cookbook

Classic Cocktails

If you want to make easy cocktails if you are running the bar yourself, check out Royal Rose Syrups. You can choose different syrups that can be easily made into delicious cocktails!

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    1. Wow, what a collection of cocktails! Not that I’m planning on getting married any time soon but it got me so excited for when I do!

    2. Wow these are gorgeous. I’m not getting married…I’m already 12 years in but I entertain a lot and will definitely refer to this list!

    3. This was so helpful!

    4. I love the idea of a signature cocktail at your wedding. I wish I had done that at mine. Also, thanks for sharing all these options. I can still make them at home! 😉

    5. What a great and fun idea to use while planning a wedding. Great selection of cocktails, I love it and I think would be of sure effect on the guests!!!

    6. This is such a fun post! I love having a signature cocktail at events and there are so many great ones to choose from! Thanks for the fabulous ideas!

    7. I wish we had thought of this when my husband and I got married. We had a cupcakes tree and we thought we were being very on trend (it was 2004).

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