Spring Wedding Trends 2021

Spring Wedding Trends 2021

Each season, wedding trends come and go. While we are still in the middle of Covid (although hopefully we’re on the tail end), there are some things that Covid has brought to weddings that will not be changing this spring. There are some cool new trends, though, to look forward to! I especially enjoy checking out sites such as The Knot to see what’s coming next. Check out my recent post on proposal trends we’re seeing in 2021. Here are some of the top spring wedding trends for 2021!

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COVID Wedding Trends

Like I mentioned above, there are some trends that continue to be affected because of Covid. These things won’t (and shouldn’t) be leaving for a while.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

You’ll probably find stations scattered around the venue where guests can keep their hands clean with hand sanitizer. Decorate these to keep with the theme of your wedding!


Even if you or your guests are vaccinated, keeping masks on continues to be important! There’s still a lot we don’t know about the transfer of this sickness.

Wedding couple wearing masks

Colored Bracelets

These colored bracelets indicate the guest’s level of comfort. A green bracelet means the guest is comfortable with contact such as hugging and standing close. A yellow bracelet means they would still like to keep some distance and perhaps refrain from hugging. A red bracelet means they are uncomfortable with any sort of contact and/or standing too close.

Requiring Negative Tests

Venues are starting to require proof of a negative Covid test (or proof of vaccination) for the couple and their guests to be allowed at the venue.

Covid testing and vaccine

Spring Wedding Invite Trends

Online Invitations

Some couples have had to send out multiple wedding invitations and “Change of Plans” cards. Grab my free, editable change of plans cards below! As a result, many couples are now choosing online invitations. They are cheaper, and easier for the couple.

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    Wedding Websites

    Along with online invitations, couples are making websites for their guests to use to RSVP, find the venue, and see their registries. Check out WedSites to make your own wedding website!


    Wedding plans have changed time and time again over the past year. This spring, a trend will be humor! For example, a wedding invitation might say “Let’s try this again!” since the couple has had to change their wedding plans. See my post “The Biggest Wedding Planning Problems and Solutions in 2021.”

    We Eloped Cards

    Some couples didn’t wait for their big wedding and got married in a small ceremony already. A trend this spring is to send out cards saying they have already gotten married!

    Spring Wedding Trends 2021

    Spring Color Trends


    Spring means the end of winter! A color you will see a lot at weddings this spring will be green to symbolize a new beginning and the beginning of the fun season!

    Fresh Colors

    Along with greenery, you will see fresh colors at spring 2021 weddings!

    Wedding bouquet

    Pops of Color

    Vivid pops of color will be seen scattered throughout wedding decor.

    Bold Colored Suits For Groom and Groomsmen

    The men are getting more fashionable! You’ll see plum, burgundy, blue and more in their suits this spring.

    Bold suits for groom and groomsmen

    Spring Wedding Ceremony Trends

    Having a Friend/Family Member Officiate

    Couples will want less people at their intimate spring 2021 weddings. They might choose to have someone they already know officiate their wedding.


    Weddings (both ceremonies and receptions) will likely be held outside this spring.

    Vow Renewals

    Couples that already got married may choose to have their reception as a vow renewal or as a one year anniversary celebration.

    Live Streaming

    Since there are still restrictions on how many people can gather together, many couples will live stream their weddings on zoom or Facebook so everyone who wants to join, can! Join my Facebook group here to find a bride community!

    No Receiving Line

    To reduce contact, people are ditching receiving lines.

    Pets Included

    Check out my post “How To Include Your Pets In Your Wedding” to find some neat ideas for your pet in your wedding. Don’t forget flea and tick preventative to keep your furry friend safe! If you have an anxious pet, check out these products to help your pet calm down.

    Boho Dresses

    Boho dresses are a huge spring wedding trend in 2021. Check out Dress Afford to find some beautiful boho wedding dresses.

    Boho wedding dress

    Spring Wedding Decoration Trends

    Tents with Lights

    Beautiful fairy lights will be decorating the venues this spring! Grab these from Amazon.

    Mismatched Decor and Furniture

    Going along with the boho wedding dresses, you’ll find some boho mismatched furniture and decor at weddings this spring.

    Living Room Decor

    Using couches and overstuffed chairs to decorate will be a spring 2021 wedding trend!

    Wedding couch with bride

    Lots of Flowers

    Grab lots of gorgeous flowers at Flowers Fast or Blooms By The Box to decorate everything at your spring 2021 wedding.


    You’ll find DIY everything at spring weddings this year!

    Spring Wedding Trends 2021

    Spring Wedding Food Trends


    Many venues will not charge as much for morning or afternoon weddings. As a result, a trend this spring will be brunch weddings. Grab your mimosa and coffee fixings at the California Wine Club and 1st in Coffee!

    Mini Desserts

    Almost all caterers are now offering mini desserts so people are not touching communal desserts.

    Mini Hors D’Oeuvres

    Along with mini desserts, you’ll see mini hors d’oeuvres for the same reason.

    Pre-Made Cocktails

    Cocktails can come in cans these days! Single serve cocktails that are already made will reduce the cost of bartenders and eliminate extra contact.

    Restaurant Serving Style

    Because of Covid, caterers are ditching the buffet option and serving everything to guests individually.

    Wedding desserts

    Spring Reception Trends

    Relaxed and Informal

    Weddings will be small and intimate because of Covid restrictions. As a result, weddings will be more relaxed and informal than usual.

    Tiny Toasts

    I think this idea is so cute! “Tiny Toasts” are when a few people say their favorite memory with the wedding couple. This is instead of formal Maid of Honor and Best Man speeches!

    Going “All Out”

    Couples have had to delay their weddings and change their plans so many times that they just want to celebrate. People have been missing weddings and celebrations and couples may choose to go all out with their weddings this spring!

    Wedding couple with guest sparklers

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      1. I love the color coded bracelet idea!

      2. The bracelets sound so interesting! What a crazy world we live in right now but I totally see why they’d be useful at such a potentially large event. I’m excited to see photos of men wearing brightly colored tuxedos. How fun! I’m glad people are still getting married and having weddings right now. We need to remember the good things!

      3. The ‘we eloped’ card sounds amazing 😀
        Very interesting list of trends, I wish I could go back in time and try the boho wedding dress.

      4. I love the idea of tiny toasts! We actually skipped toasts at my wedding because we thought they were too long for the short ceremony and reception we had planned – but “tiny toasts” would have fit in perfectly!

      5. Very inspiring post! Love the positive vibe 😊👌

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