Stocking Stuffers For Your Fiancé

I love getting gifts for my fiancé’s stocking. Usually I get useful and/or small items. Check out my holiday gift guide for couples here to get more ideas of stocking stuffers! Here are the best stocking stuffers for your fiancé for Blogmas day 8.

Blogmas Day 8 - Stocking stuffers for your fiance

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Useful Stocking Stuffers

Skin Care

I am forever trying to get my fiancé to take care of his skin. I just don’t understand how he can wash his face with a bar of soap and never moisturize!

Skin care stocking stuffer

Shampoo/Shower Essentials

I always include my fiance’s favorite shampoos and soaps in his stocking. He’s going to buy them anyway, so might as well stock up!

Headphone Cord Organizer

If your fiance is the type of person who constantly has a knot of headphones, then they need this in their stocking! Amazon has a pack that are inexpensive!


You could get a pack of athletic socks or some nicer socks, but everyone always needs socks! Sockologie has some unique options as well as everyday socks!

Sock stocking stuffer

Fun Stocking Stuffers

Drink Coolers

No one likes a warm drink. Fortunately, Amazon makes coolers for both wine and beer that won’t water down your drink!


I couldn’t decide if this should go under useful stocking stuffers or fun stocking stuffers…I guess it depends on the person! 1st in coffee has a fun variety of coffees!

Cuff Links

You can get these personalized or just plain, but these are small and perfect for a stocking! My Wedding Favors has some great personalized options.

Stocking stuffers for your fiance - Blogmas day 8

What other ideas do you have for stocking stuffers for your fiance for Blogmas day 8? Leave them in the comments! Make sure you subscribe with your email so you don’t miss a post!

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  1. Socks are always a great idea! The sillier the better!

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