Gorgeous Summer Wedding Trends For 2021

Summer wedding trends for 2021

If you’re planning a summer wedding (even if it’s for 2022), here are a few of the trends you might want to consider for colors, dresses, and your wedding overall. Make sure you check out my Spring 2021 wedding trends and proposal trends for 2021 as well. I love doing these posts – I just love seeing the unique things that are starting to catch on for weddings. Here are some gorgeous summer wedding trends for 2021!

Summer wedding trends for 2021

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Overall Wedding Trends For Summer 2021

Rescheduled Weddings

Couples that had to postpone their 2020 or earlier 2021 weddings are rescheduling their weddings for summer 2021. Lots of people are able to get the Covid vaccine and are feeling more comfortable interacting with others. Restrictions are also getting less strict and larger groups of people are able to get together. All of this means lots of rescheduled weddings for summer 2021!

Celebrations For Already Married Couples

Some couples still wanted to officially get married in 2020, but postpone their wedding celebration. These already married couples are finally getting to have their wedding celebrations!

Sequel Weddings

On the other hand, many people aren’t totally comfortable with being in large groups close to lots of people. So they’re having “sequel weddings” or a small wedding in summer 2021 and a larger celebration planned for some time in the future. 

Summer wedding couple

Wedding Subscription Boxes

Since some couples are having to postpone their weddings, to stay excited, brides are getting bridal subscription boxes. Each month you get items that will help you plan your wedding and keep you excited! My favorite (and the most popular) is Miss to Mrs subscription box.

Welcome Boxes

Welcome boxes are boxes that you give to guests when they first arrive. Many couples choose to leave these in hotel rooms. These boxes include items that guests may want or need (usually related to Covid precautions) such as hand sanitizer, masks, or other favors. Find my favorite favors at Evermine!

Acrylic Invitations and Decorations

Some couples are choosing to jazz up their wedding invitations by making them on acrylic instead of on paper. I’ve seen a few of these and they are beautiful! Just keep in mind they will need extra postage to mail. Picky Bride has a few acrylic invitations and decorations to choose from. 

Picky Bride

Food Trucks at the Reception

Food trucks have been showing up more and more at weddings and summer 2021 weddings will definitely have quite a few! Sometimes there are multiple food trucks and sometimes the couple has chosen just one. I’ve also seen a few “bar” trucks! Get this A-frame sign to let your guests know the options.

Unique Arbors and Trellises

To frame the wedding ceremony or as a beautiful backdrop, arbors and trellises will be popular summer wedding trends for 2021. Couples will be using unique shapes for arbors such as hexagons. Get this beautiful arbor from Amazon!

This or that wedding arbor

Wedding Color Trends for Summer 2021

Here are the colors for summer wedding trends for 2021! Many of these were from weddingforward.com


Coral wedding

Dark Colors

Dark wedding

Bright Colors

Bright wedding

Marigold Yellow, Navy Blue, and Slate Gray


Petal Pink, Cornflower Blue & Mauve Purple


Forest Green, White & Gold


Mint Green, Peach Pink & Watermelon Pink


Wedding Dress Trends for Summer 2021

For all of your summer wedding dresses, make sure to check out Dress Afford for the best deals on all types of wedding dresses.

One Shoulder Dresses and Off Shoulder Dresses

Quite unlike the puffy sleeves of our parent’s wedding dresses, the trend we’ll be seeing this summer is one-shoulder dresses and off-shoulder dresses. It’s hot and less on your shoulders means cooler bride!

Sparkly Dresses

You’ll be sure to shine like the beautiful bride you are in a sparkly wedding dress. We could all use a little more sparkle in our lives after living in loungewear for the past year.

Lace Dresses

Whether the dress is all lace, part lace, or just the sleeves are lace, we’re all loving this delicate detail for summer weddings.

Summer wedding dress trends

Less Formal Microwedding Dress

Many brides are ditching long, formal wedding gowns and opting for more casual dresses, especially for micro weddings. Lots of brides are selling their previous fancy dresses now that they’ve decided to go with a less formal look. This also includes the summer wedding trend of slip dresses.

Tea Length Dress

Tea length dresses are back this summer for a more casual wedding dress!

Cottage Core Dresses

Cottage Core is still in and we can expect to see these boho-type dresses at summer 2021 weddings.

Cottage core wedding dress

Jumpsuits and Pantsuits

Instead of traditional dresses and gowns, many brides are opting for jumpsuits and pantsuits!

Backless Dresses

Although it must be a pain to find a bra that works, backless dresses are in for summer 2021 wedding trends!

Transformative Dresses

Dresses that can go from ceremony to reception are perfect for summer weddings. Sometimes there are pieces that can be taken off of dresses, while some brides are just changing dresses completely. 

Summer wedding trends for 2021

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